martedì 28 giugno 2016


Listening --> Rise and fall by Charlie Cochet on Audible. I prepare myself for Smoke & Mirrors that will be release 8 juli.

Eating -->right now I’m not eating because it’s 10 in the morning, I would like biscuits with chocolate drops but I’m on diet #SadLife.

Drinking --> Water with lemon juice, I drink it every summer and I love it because it’s fresh.

Wearing --> The anti-heat suit:a maxy dress belonged to my granny and a pair of Birkenstock. My hairs are tied above my head and I have no make up #grannystyleisthenewsexy

Feeling --> this is tough to answer, can I think about it?

Weather --> it’s hot! and I hate summer because of this! Winter where are you? I miss youuuu!

Wanting --> I want time. Time to think,to choose again, to change my decisions, to read, to say a properly goodbye. And of course I want Biscuits with chocolate drops!

Needing -->Hugs. In his books TJ Klune teach us the important of being hugged by the people we love the most and I think he’s right, because with a simple gesture we say “I hold You” and it’s amazing.

Thinking --> what am I writing?This is the first time I wrote something in english and I just hope there aren’t mistakes #ofcoursethereare.

Enjoyng --> I’m reading a book that talks about pack,werewolf,love,angst and a guy named Ox,and I’m so deep in this story that I would like to take a flight to Oregon to join his pack and live with them. Or,I can go to TJ Klune’s house to hug him tight and say “I hate you, everytime I make a wooky cry face because of you, but it’s ok,I love you the same”. I’m kidding. Maybe ^_^

Thanks to Pinterest because I found this sort of tag there,I liked and decided to use here!

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